Friday, April 1, 2016

Week 88

Thank you everyone for your prayers and love for our son!  Dres is getting better everyday. I'll try to give a more thorough update in the future, but....

Dres was injured in the bombing of the Brussels airport on March 22. His most severe injuries are shrapnel injuries to his legs and deep second degree burns to his left hand. He has other burns to his legs right hand, head and face. He has approximately 30 pieces of of shrapnel in both legs curently that range in size from pellets to grapes. He has received 2-3 surgeries to remove the biggest pieces and will require additional surgery to repair tendons in his right foot and leg in the future. He spent a week in a Brussels area hospital and is about 5 days into an approximate 10-15 day hospital stay in salt lake city Utah.  We plan to continue his therapy and rehab back home in st george when he is released. 

We anticipate that Dres will have a full recovery. He is already recovering rapidly and able to walk, eat, drink and laugh!  The doctors all think that he will play guitar, snow board, wake surf, and be as handsome as ever!  He will have some scarring and shrapnel forever to remind him of what opposition and challenge he has overcome. He is happy and thankful to be alive! And recovering. 

Thanks so much for your love and concern and prayers and well wishes for our boy.  Life is good. God is good.



I will try to update this blog every week or so on his progress.