Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 16

 P-day in Paris with Elder Ireland


Love padlocks on Ponts de Arts

The Louve

Arc de Triomphe

Eiffel Tower

Notre Dame

Hey, so Elder Ireland and I went into Paris today and we just barely got home so I can't send a long email but I'll just try to upload some pics.


Elder Empey

Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 15

Eating crepes for a whole week.  "Don't worry though, we bought a bunch of healthy stuff to put into the crepes ;)"

We have kinda lost a few investigators, some because they don't want to continue lessons and others because we just cant get a hold of them, cant do much about that, but we're going to keep trying. We have found another super solid ami though! hes a 27 year oldish African that lives only 5 min away from us. we found him on Tuesday and we've already met with him 3 times and he came to church yesterday! He's super cool!

This week we also got to go up to Versailles! A lady in their ward was getting baptized and she wanted Elder Davis to do it so that was pretty cool!
hmmm no other big events this week. We've been doing some door to door more recently and found some families that are going to let us come back. Had a few other lessons with some of our other amis.

Oh, we decided that were going to do a week long crepe diet in the appt :D So were only going to eat crepes for a whole week haha. Don't worry though, we bought a bunch of healthy stuff to put into the crepes ;) so ill have to let you know how that goes next week.


Elder Empey

Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 14

Seine River near Evry

Elder Davis and Elder Empey
This week has been so awesome!!! I feel like we worked super hard and then we could see it all pay off at church yesterday!
On Tuesday we went to see a lady in Longemeau that we were referred to by a member of a different ward. We were able to get a baptismal date the very first rendezvous!!! and my first baptismal date yet! the member of the other ward has talked to her quite a bit about the church so that helped a lot. we set the date as November 9!
 On Wednesday we went to visit a less active family and while we were waiting for them to answer the door we heard someone singing "how great though art" in some African language and so when no one answered the door we went and knocked on their door and they let us in and we were able to teach them the restoration then we sang with them after haha
On Thursday we had zone conference up in Paris. i love going up to Paris so much, there's always super cool motorcycles hah
We have been spending quite a bit of time in Evry Village this week, its down by the seine river and the buildings and streets are super old and french looking! on Friday while we were down there we met this 75 year old french guy and gave him a gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet and set up a rendezvous for the next day
So on Saturday we went and visited Karl (the old french guy.) the lesson went good and we were able to get him to pray for the first time ever in his life!! it was super cool!

Church was awesome yesterday! a couple of the the people we invited showed up and then also this random African guy. i stayed with him throughout church and got to know him. he kept saying how happy he was to be there and how everyone is so happy. i asked him if he would like to become a member and be baptized and he said he would love to! so were going to start teaching him the lessons and he'll probably be baptized pretty soon!


Elder Empey

Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 13

Dres makes Grandma Dorothy Orton's famous caramel popcorn
Dres making popcorn
Making caramel popcorn
Dres gets new companion

Thanks to Dres' awesome trainer, Elder Baldwin.  Oh, Dres cut his own hair, not bad!

Elder Empey with some investigators
suppppp! another solid week here in évry! on Wednesday me and elder Baldwin went in to Paris to make the exchange. he left on a train and i got to chill with all of the brand new missionaries and go see Notre Dame with them because elder Davis was still AP kinda and the APs always take the new missionaries down to Notre dame their first day, so that was fun. Elder Davis is super cool! Once we got back to évry we started looking for people to teach. He's super good at talking to people and super persistent! We have 2 new amis, Pivan and Mr. Pandi. We found Pivan in the park, hes this older french guy that looks exactly like the main character on "master of disguise" we've had 2 lessons with him so far. he's Hindu, which is pretty strange for a french dude, and he kinda comes off like he only wants to learn about Mormons with no intention to progress toward baptism so we'll have to see how things go with that. We met Mr. Pandi on the street in juvisy, he told us he was busy right then but we could go to his appt an hour later. we taught him the Restoration and he seems interested. were going to see him again on Saturday.

hmm... what other stuff happened this week... on one of the trains we found a guy that's a member but hasn't been to church since he moved into the area so were going to start working with him too i think. conference was super awesome!! we watched the first Saturday session late Saturday night and then watched priesthood and 2 other sessions on Sunday.