Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 20


This week has been awesome!! Bernard got baptized on Saturday!! It was sooo awesome! He kinda just showed up at church about 2 months ago and hasn't missed a Sunday yet! He's friends with this lady in the ward so during that time Elder Davis and I were teaching him a couple of times a week at her house. The baptismal service started out a little bit rough cuz he missed his bus and got there a little bit late but it was all good after that. Our ward mission leader baptized him and then the confermation was yesterday during sacrament meeting. It's so cool to see investigators take that first step in following jesus christ by being baptized. He is such an awesome, humble, loving, guy and he wants to do his very best to follow Jesus.

We had a couple of other cool events this week. On Thursday we all went up to Versaille for a mission conference. It was pretty sweet! Elder Cook was there and gave a pretty sweet talk. It was also cool cuz every single missionary in our mission was there too. It was super cool to see an apostle speak and also see old friends from the MTC and whatnot.

We also got a chance to go down to Dourdan for a day and do some work down there. We went looking for less actives and did some contacting. Dourdan is pretty sweet, its super old, french looking, and has a massive, old, cathedral! super sick!

Things are going great! i hope you all have an awesome week!


Elder Empey

Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 19

Dres has not sent any pics this week.  But this is kinda funny.  He told us he was getting a new missionary in his apartment this last week.  So I noticed on his missionary Facebook (France-Paris-Mission-Babin, link on the right of this page) that his new Elder in his apartment is Elder Jaxon Carson from American Fork  He is to the left of the Elder with glasses.  I love that his new comp, Elder Ireland is photo bombing in the window.  I Google stalked him and his family.  Elder Carson has a cool blog too.  I'll include it below. 

Dear Family!

Happy Birthday Mom!!!! I hope you have an awesome day!! you should be getting a letter soon ;)

So we got a new elder in our appt, Elder Carson. He's brand new; from Spanish Fork Utah, and super cool! We played a couple of pranks on him when he first got here. Elder Ireland told him he only spoke french and then when they got to evry he took him to our appt saying it was a referral. Elder davis pretended to be french an i told him that i just moved here from america and dont speak any french. he gave me the whole first lesson and his personal book of mormon and said he would just come get it later haha. they left and then came back and we were back in missionary clothes and he was pretty suprised. elder ireland and davis kept pretending like they only spoke french for 2 more days after that.

Everything is going great with our amis. Ben is going to be getting baptised this saturday!!! im so stoked for that!! hopefully everything works out good. We still need to teach him a few more little things and get an interview with the district leader then we're good. I'll send you guys pictures and tell you how it worked out next week.

hmmm anything else happen this week......... not really. It's been raining a bunch so thats kinda sucky. but other than that everything is sweet!!!


Elder Empey

Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 18

Dres sent us this letter and it was AWESOME.  He gave us tons of details about his life as a missionary and little "Random Facts".  He talked about little jokes that he, his companion and the other Elders in his apartment talk about.  He told us about this testimony and how much it has grown.  We LOVED it.

"here's a pic of me giving elder Ireland a hair cut LOL"

So today the library is closed and so we have to do our emails in this little ghetto cybe cafe haha which means i probably wont be able to write very much. Today is the first day of my 3rd transfer! which means I'm not a "blue" anymore! Wednesday will be the day when people get transferred around but ill be staying here in évry with Elder Davis for at least another 4 weeks for sure and then I might be moved to a different city but ill probably stay another 8 weeks after that.

There was only one change made in the appt. Elder Roth is leaving to a different city and Elder Ireland will be training a "blue" he in Evry! im so stoked to have a missionary in the appt that's newer than me! makes me feel old and experienced in the mish ;) we don't know who he is yet but we have a whole bunch of pranks planned for when he shows up in 2 days haha. Since Elder Roth is leaving we went to a sushi buffet today, i think that's the first sit down restaurant I've been in since I've been on my mission so that was pretty fun

Its been a solid week. Our investigator Ben is super solid! Hes super humble and really wants to "give himself to Jesus."  He was supposed to get baptized this next Sunday but there's an activity going on at the church that day so we moved it to Saturday the 22.

I hope everything is going good at home! Glad you guys liked my letter :) here's a pic of me giving elder Ireland a hair cut LOL


Elder Empey

Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 17

Last Week's P-day in Paris

okay so its been 2 weeks since i emailed you guys cuz last p day elder Ireland and I went into Paris to see all the cool sights and we didn't have much time to email.

Paris was super fun! We left right after personal studies and got up there at 11 and spent the whole day running around to different sites! we saw the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumph, Notre Dame, and some other cool old buildings. We also met some American members from Kaysville at the Eiffel Tower.

Things have been going pretty good with our amis. Except there was one ami we had that had a baptisimal date and everything but then he told us that he decided to go back to his old church :( the rendezvous right before that was super good too! the spirit was so strong! he said that he has felt a huge change in his life and i gave him a blessing for his knee that he has been having problems with and he said he really felt the spirit. I think he got excited about being baptised and all and told his friends about it and they probably talked him out of it or something. He was super cool and it made me really sad that he didnt want to meet with us anymore. We have a few other amis that were working with that have baptisimal dates though also so im super excited for those! One of them is supposed to get baptised next saturday! He's a really cool guy from Cameroon and he speaks English!

I hope everything is going well at home! I love you guys!

Love, Elder Empey

(I asked how his French is going)

French is aight, I feel like I can almost understand everything and then speaking is quite a bit more difficult. I can always get my idea across though.