Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 33

Apple Strudel


Zone conf in Paris

Valentine for Mom

its been another solid week in metz! so like i said last week, we decided that we wanted to port (knocking doors) all of centre ville. We have been doing a lot of that this past week and been finding good results! we usualy get a couple of people that say we can come back another time and we have been let in quite a few times as well. one guy that let us in was pretty rad, he told us about all the different religions hes been a part of and that he's kinda done with religion because he kept finding faults. we visited him again last night. he always gives us apple juice and chocolate, and he has sweet band posters all over his walls (nirvana, pearl jam, led zepplin, pink floyd) pretty rad dude!

there was this other lady that said we could pass by another time and so we went back a couple days latter. she told us about how she was having a hard time and had just got done praying and asking god for help when we rung her door bell. pretty cool. 

one of our amis came to church for the first time in a while, and he brought a friend too! 

we got to go over to a member family's house and they taught us how to make a few french dishes! its was super fun! they are really nice and cool! 

love you all! :)

elder empey 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 32

Alright so i actually have some time to email today. Metz is super sweet!!! it has a really cool centre ville and there are a bunch of old cathedrals and stuff!! our appt is right next to centre ville and its super nice! Our church building is 10 min away by bus. its a house that has been converted into a chapel. the ward here is pretty small but they are super cool! last sunday a member invited us over for dinner. I found out he played guitar and so we ended up talking about guitars the whole time and he brought his out and we played for a little bit. He is super good! im just going to go through the rest of my week now

: after p day was over we got to do a family home evening with a part-member family. we gave the spiritual thought and then played Uno the rest of the time. theyre a super cool family. we do family home evening with them every monday.

: since my comp is the district leader i get to go on exchanges with all the guys in our district so today i went on one with elder Quist. hes from washington state and is in our same appt. we got to teach one of our amis and we did alot of door to door and a couple of people said we could come back later.

: we basicly spent the whole day in Paris. we took a train early in the morning, got into paris, and went to the Saint Mari chapel. the zone leaders gave us a training and then president and sister babin too. we ate lunch and then we had interviews with president and soeur babin. ours were scheduled at the very last and we got to watch meet the mormons while we waited. after interviews we had to run to our train to make it in time and then arrived back in metz right as it was time to go in.

: went to the prefecture for elder lattins second year legality. went hunting for some less actives. when we got to the bus stop we saw the next one wasnt coming for another 10 min so we decided to walk to the next stop and contact on the way. we contacted a lady who kinda reminded me of grandma orton, and testified of eternal families, she told us that someone in her family died recently, and we prayed with her. she didnt want to meet again but i feel like we helped her and made a good impression.

: We taught an ami that has been an ami of the metz equipe for a while. we retaught the restoration and she finaly realized the fulness of our message, i think she will really be able to make progress now. we also did a lot of door to door in centre ville which was pretty fun hah

: we got to teach one of our amis with the member that loves guitars. it went really well. other than that not much happened. we did a bunch more door to door in centre ville

: after church we went and stopped by some houses of ancient amis but noone was home. we also ported a bunch in centre ville. elder lattin wants to port all of centre ville so we mapped it all out and we've gotten like 1 percent of it done haha we've gotten a couple of passbacks from it though and met some interesting people!

mom and dad, thats super cool that the demille boy served here in metz! and that his dad got to go proselyting here! i actually do know the familly that you mentioned, the schneiders! The dad is our DMP (ward mission leader) he's really cool! one of his sons just got back from his mission in the south of france.

hope this nice long email makes up for my super short one last week hah ;) 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 31

heres a pic of me and elder jacobson with samuel and admaya and some other peeps

okay so i dont have like any time this week, im really sorry, but ill be able to fill you in on more deets next week. 

so i left evry on wednesday and now im in metz. leaving evry was pretty sad just because of all the people i had to leave that i had become such good friends with. 

im now in metz and it is super cool!!!!!!! i feel like it is a lot bigger than evry and a lot more historic! there are a bunch of big old buildings and cathedrals and stuff! its super cool! im in another 4 man appt and the appt is huge!!! especially compared to the evry appt. the other elders im with are Elder Lattin (my comp) Elder Libby, and Elder Quist. they are all really nice guys! 

i promise my email will be a lot longer and more detailed next week. im really sorry. 

​i should have some sweet pics of me next to some cool cathedrals and stuff next week too :) 

love elder empey

Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 30 - Transferred to Metz

bernard, george, e jacobson, roc, paul,

Hey so we got our repertoire on Saturday and I found out that I will be going to Metz! It's up in the north east part of France kinda next to Germany and Luxembourg. my new comp is the district leader and Luxembourg is in our district so i'll probably get to do exchanges over there, pretty sweet. It's Elder Lattin, someone told me he's from Virginia, right next to DC, so maybe he knows some of the same people from when we lived there forever ago! the only name i can remember is Virginia Wood, I cant really remember who she is but i remember her name hah, maybe he knows her. Oh and Elder Jacobson served there in Metz so he has been able to tell me all about it! it sounds sweet!

Okay so this week has been really good! Elder Jacobson wanted to teach 35 lessons so he could beat his older brothers record. We did it! I think we even came out at 37. We found quite a few new amis this week from it too! One guy that we taught on the street wouldn't give us his number but he took a card and then he actually called us later that night! You don't know how crazy that is! people never call us from cards, but he did! We met up with him, taught him a more in depth restoration, and he came to church the next day! There was a little young single adults meeting going on after church and he went to it and now he's already tight with George, Bernard, and this other guy named Roc. They're all African so they pretty much become brothas right as they meet.

So I'm loving the mission right now! yeah it can be rough sometimes but it's totally worth it. I've loved my time here in √©vry but I'm stoked to go to Metz too! I've become so tight with they guys in my appt! I'm going to miss them a bunch. Elder Ireland (who came to evry the same day as me) just finished his mission so he'll be going home on Thursday. Elder Carson and Jacobson are staying in Evry.

Oh yeah i should probably give you my new address:

Les Missionnaires Elder Empey
6 Rue Henry Maret
57000 Metz

love ya!

Elder Empey