Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Week 5

Its been a good week, except I'm so ready to get out of the MTC and head off to France! On Wednesday we do something called TRC, Members who speak french come in and we teach them little lessons, but this last Wednesday we got to Skype this lady who was in France, that was pretty cool. I got the clothes you sent and the doughnuts Isabelle dropped off on Wednesday, thank you soooo much! I loved the tiny envelope that mom put in there for me ;) We got some new missionaries in our zone, all of them are going to Montreal Canada. There are some pretty cool guys here at the MTC. Oh and dad, yeah I did see Elder Webster, I saw him quite a bit actually but he left the other week, I didn't know him at all before I got here but he seems like a super cool guy, I like him a lot. On Friday we got our travel plans!!! We fly out of the SLC Airport at 4:30pm Monday the 18 directly to Paris! There are 31 missionaries going together, we'll get there at like 11am Tuesday morning. It all made us super excited! So be expecting a call from me sometime around 3:30 on Monday :) But I'm not positive on that time. 
We had a really good devotional on Sunday. Niel Heaton spoke, he had two missionaries come up and tell their conversion stories which was really cool then we watched a Mormon message "The Hope of Gods Light" It is soooo good! I want all of you guys to watch it! I have probably watched it like 10 times.    The Hope of God's Light Video   Lets see what else has happened the past week.... I got a hair cut today.... yup that's about it.

Thank you all so much for the letters, emails, packages, and pictures, I love you all so much! I am so grateful for you! I am so glad I chose to serve a mission! I feel like my testimony has grown a bunch even just in the past month! I can't wait to get to France and share this awesome message with the people! 

Love, Elder Empey 

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