Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Week 4

It has been a solid week here at the MTC. We have two "investigators" right now, Lupe (Soeur Mckay) and Jean Pierre (Frerre Relaford) teaching them has become a lot better! I feel like I am finally able to get what I'm wanting to say to them in French, it isnt very good french but its alright. We got some new elders in our zone and some of them are pretty cool! I think were getting like 10 more tomorrow too! Yesterday was really good! We had some solid lessons taught to us and while Elder Sherren and I were teaching Jean Pierre I just felt really good about my french. What really made the day so fun is when we went to go play volleyball after we got out of class that night. We went up and it was super dark and cloudy and just as we started to play it started to pour hard! It was awesome! we helped the MTC people take down the nets and then walked toward the residence in the pouring rain and it was just so fun! we ended up just messing around outside our residence. probably the closest thing to swimming im going to get in the next two years hah. tell tom tom a happy late birthday for me! I'm nervous im going to miss peoples birthdays :/ maybe you guys can give me heads ups. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun in Powell! We get our flight plans this friday and im super excited! I cant wait to get to france! and i get to call you guys from the air port!! :) love and miss you all

love, elder empey

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