Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 28

Kebabs.  Elder Empey's new fave food

yeah so its snowed this morning, first time this season!

oh man, so that one week where i gave you a little description of everyday was because i would do a little journal entry in my planner at the end of everyday but i kinda got out of the habbit of it and now i cant think of anything to tell you guys about. i need to start doing that again.

all of our amis are doing good! we've been teaching alot with members lately and its been great! our family is still on track for their baptisimal date for feb 14! we've also found and have had quite a few rendez-vous with new people this week! one of them was with this epic african guy that lives in our same building. hes super evangilist and his prayer at the end was crazy! he was pretty much yelling at the top of his lungs for about five minutes, quoting the bible, and waving his hands all over the place. ive seen afew prayers like that since ive got here but i dont think ive told you about them yet.

the appt building doors are locked in the front with these massive magnets and we were trying to get into one to visit an ami and there was this ripped african guy chilling there so we started talking to him and he thought we were prety cool so he just ripped the door open for us. pretty impressive. then we got his number.

as we were walking up to another appt building a different day another african guy yelled to us "hey! are you the mormons"!? (in french) we walked up to him and he sung us a song about jesus, he's supposed to call us soon.

man i love africans, so rad!

love you guys too!

elder empey

Dres sent us a package about a month ago for Christmas.  It finally got to our house.  The package was thrashed, and appeared to have been lost/damaged and then readdressed by the French Postal Service.  But, none of the stuff inside was broken.  There was chocolate, Eifel Tower key chains, shirts, scarfs and an awesome beret for Amber!

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