Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 29

this is right before those cops came

"Cops and Hukas"

This week was really full of rendez-vous but a lot of them ended up being cancelled or people just didnt show up. There were two funny things that did happen this week though.

We were walking up to a massive appt building to go teach the t'shama family with frere lukoji our dmp. For some reason the front windows of the building were completely fogged up and as we walked in there were about ten kids with five hukas just chilling there by the door. The whole room was filled with smoke so we just hurried through it all over to the elevator door. Luckily the door didnt take very long to open and we were out of there. We all kinda laughed about it on the ride up.

And then yesterday night we were up in juvisy to see if we could find this ladies house that me and elder davis met a while ago. We had her address but it ended up being a massive appt building and we couldnt find her name anywhere. We decided to go do some door to door there in juvisy and these undercover cops pulled up right next to us, got out, and had us stand up against a wall. one of them started interogating elder jacobson and the other one took me aside. He had me take of my bag and jacket and then gave me a full on pat-down, it was hilarious. They realized that we hadn't done anything and let us go.

So yeah those are my two exciting stories for the week. Other than that things have been going good. Our only real progressing amis right now are that familly. There have been some other people that we have met this week that could turn into something but i guess we'll just have to wait and see.

I'm so glad i get to be here in France as a missionary and have all of these exciting and spiritual experiences. I hope all of you are doing good at home.

love you

Elder Empey

oh ps. transfers are on feb 2nd and ive been here for 6 months so there is a slight chance i could be transfered. so if you have a letter to send or anything wait till next monday so i can tell you my new address or if im staying

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