Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 63

We were sent this picture by a friend of Josh Stanley's sister who lives in Dres' ward in Rennes.  He talks about doing service for them on Saturday in this letter.

Conference is awesome! We were only able to watch a couple of the sessions and so I'm excited to read the other talks here soon. I really like the elder renlund, the new apostle, his testimony and what he said about looking at everyone through the eyes of a parent, it's then when we can get a glimpse of the love our Heavenly Father has for

The earlier part of the week was pretty good, I've had a slight cold which has been a little bit annoying but nothing too bad. We did some exchanges with the elders from Saint brieuc. I was with elder Sanchez here in Rennes, he's a cool guy, we're pretty tight. We visited this ami of ours that's kinda interested in the gospel but he kinda just wants to be our friend for the most part, we played guitar with him for a min and then started talking about prophets but then his friends showed up and we weren't able to finish what we were wanting to say cuz they talked a whole bunch hah.

Wednesday, we exchanged back, went to see an ami and had a couple other good rendezvous. We got to see our Chinese recent convert, he's awesome.

Thursday, was elder Durants one year mark. We went down to vannes to do his legality in the morning, I was able to pick up my card of legality while we were there as well. Once we got back from vannes we had a rendez vous with one of ours Amis. He has been investigating the church for over a year and really wants to get baptized but hasn't been able to quit smoking, he has been reading a bunch in the Book of Mormon every day and has recently been able to quit coffee and so we engaged him to stop smoking and he gave us his can of tobacco, cigarette paper, and filters. We also got to go see a super cool member family from New Caledonia that night, they're super fun! 

On Friday morning we went out and tried to pass by some people who are only available in the mornings but no one was home. A cool congolai member took us out to a Chinese buffet which was really nice of him.  Two Americans and an African man at a Chinese restaurant in France, pretty rad. He's a super cool nice guy and is always willing to teach with us which we really appreciate.

We got to go give service Saturday morning for an American family from the ward. We went and helped them haul some wood for their furnace and I found out that the mom is friends with one of josh Stanley's sisters, pretty cool! We got to see one of our  most solid Amis as well. We found him and his family when we walked past an apartment building with a bunch of chairs sitting out front. We asked if they needed help and we ended up helping a bunch with their move.  They moved right into our neighbor hood and we've been able to see them a couple of times.   They are from Congo, and have only been in France for a couple of years. The dad is super interested and is really searching for the truth.  

Saturday night and most of Sunday we were watching general conference which, like I said earlier, was super
good! Love you guys and I love this gospel. Stay sweet ✌🏼️

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