Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 62


Birthday lunch in St Malo

Birthday in St Malo

We had zone conference this week which always makes things busy. Monday night the elders from saint brieuc came and slept over at our appt. the next morning they helped us go grad some food for the conference and helped a bunch with setting up chairs. The conference went really well. The APs gave a super good training about learning through faith and so did president. His was on repentance, every time president gives a training my respect and love for him goes up so much! He really is an inspired dude! The training elder durant and I gave was decent. We talked about our calling as missionaries was to share the gospel with everyone and how we need to take every opportunity to do it. We talked a little bit about trajet contacting (talking with people in buses, trains, metros) and engaged them to talk to somebody every bus ride. 

We started an exchange with the elders from vannes right after the conference, I stayed here in Rennes and elder durant went to vannes. Elder Stephenson is a stud, we got to teach one of our Amis and a cool recent convert guy. 

The next day elder durant and gagnon came to Rennes and we started a second exchange I stayed in Rennes with elder gagnon, he's from Quebec 😊 Quebec is a French speaking city in Canada and Quebec accents are pretty sweet but kinda hard to understand sometimes. We had a good time together. We were able to help this family move that elder durant and I met the other day. I think they will start progressing in the gospel so that will be cool. 

On Friday elder gagnon and I went to vannes to exchange back, elder durant and I were supposed to do some legality stuff while we're were there but turns out it was closed so we just grabbed a kebab and went back to Rennes. We had a couple rendez vous and then did some planning. 

Saturday was a super busy day, we had fixed five rendez vous and all of them went through! Usually if we fix that many rendez vous a day at least two of them don't show up but all of em did. The first one was with this cool young dude I met in a bus, second was with a cool Muslim guy at the church, third with this super old French guy, fourth with this guy who the Anger elders referred us to, and then the fifth with this guy that's a referral. 

Sunday was good, we helped that family move a couple more things and then had a couple other lessons, I was super tired for some reason. I had a super cool study sesh in alma 43 this morning. It talks about justice and mercy and it's really cool. 

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