Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 29

this is right before those cops came

"Cops and Hukas"

This week was really full of rendez-vous but a lot of them ended up being cancelled or people just didnt show up. There were two funny things that did happen this week though.

We were walking up to a massive appt building to go teach the t'shama family with frere lukoji our dmp. For some reason the front windows of the building were completely fogged up and as we walked in there were about ten kids with five hukas just chilling there by the door. The whole room was filled with smoke so we just hurried through it all over to the elevator door. Luckily the door didnt take very long to open and we were out of there. We all kinda laughed about it on the ride up.

And then yesterday night we were up in juvisy to see if we could find this ladies house that me and elder davis met a while ago. We had her address but it ended up being a massive appt building and we couldnt find her name anywhere. We decided to go do some door to door there in juvisy and these undercover cops pulled up right next to us, got out, and had us stand up against a wall. one of them started interogating elder jacobson and the other one took me aside. He had me take of my bag and jacket and then gave me a full on pat-down, it was hilarious. They realized that we hadn't done anything and let us go.

So yeah those are my two exciting stories for the week. Other than that things have been going good. Our only real progressing amis right now are that familly. There have been some other people that we have met this week that could turn into something but i guess we'll just have to wait and see.

I'm so glad i get to be here in France as a missionary and have all of these exciting and spiritual experiences. I hope all of you are doing good at home.

love you

Elder Empey

oh ps. transfers are on feb 2nd and ive been here for 6 months so there is a slight chance i could be transfered. so if you have a letter to send or anything wait till next monday so i can tell you my new address or if im staying

Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 28

Kebabs.  Elder Empey's new fave food

yeah so its snowed this morning, first time this season!

oh man, so that one week where i gave you a little description of everyday was because i would do a little journal entry in my planner at the end of everyday but i kinda got out of the habbit of it and now i cant think of anything to tell you guys about. i need to start doing that again.

all of our amis are doing good! we've been teaching alot with members lately and its been great! our family is still on track for their baptisimal date for feb 14! we've also found and have had quite a few rendez-vous with new people this week! one of them was with this epic african guy that lives in our same building. hes super evangilist and his prayer at the end was crazy! he was pretty much yelling at the top of his lungs for about five minutes, quoting the bible, and waving his hands all over the place. ive seen afew prayers like that since ive got here but i dont think ive told you about them yet.

the appt building doors are locked in the front with these massive magnets and we were trying to get into one to visit an ami and there was this ripped african guy chilling there so we started talking to him and he thought we were prety cool so he just ripped the door open for us. pretty impressive. then we got his number.

as we were walking up to another appt building a different day another african guy yelled to us "hey! are you the mormons"!? (in french) we walked up to him and he sung us a song about jesus, he's supposed to call us soon.

man i love africans, so rad!

love you guys too!

elder empey

Dres sent us a package about a month ago for Christmas.  It finally got to our house.  The package was thrashed, and appeared to have been lost/damaged and then readdressed by the French Postal Service.  But, none of the stuff inside was broken.  There was chocolate, Eifel Tower key chains, shirts, scarfs and an awesome beret for Amber!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 27

hey! so this week has been a little crazy. There was a terrorist attack up in Paris. we've been totally safe and haven't seen anything sketchy. we got on the train to head to breigtany yesterday and all of the "je suis charlie" protesters were on the train heading home from the manifestation.

i dont have a bunch of time cuz we need to go to a rendez-vous soon. everthing else has been going great though! we've been teaching vanella and his family and got a baptismal date for all of them set for feb 14! they are all super cool.

happy birthday dad!! hope it was great!! theres a letter coming your way :)

oh and i just passed the 6 month mark!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 26

this is the only picute ive got for the week. Playing risk new years eve

suppp so i guess for this week ill just kinda give you guys a summary of each day.
tuesday- We had a district meeting at the chapel here in evry with the other elders from Melun. after that Elder Jacobson and I went through the member list and mapped out a bunch of less actives to go find. We didnt have much succes during the after noon but after dinner we went out to Longemeau and met this really cool part member family, the mom served a mission and the dad is a non member. After we visited them we ran back to the gare but barely missed the train, we ended up having to wait in longemeau forever and got home pretty late. on the way home there was this guy in the train that was super high on something. Whenever the train would stop he would jump out the doors, blow his whistle, jump back in the train right as the doors were closing, and then pretend to drive the train.

wednesday- We had quite a few rendez-vous today. Some with families that we've met quite a few times but then the sisters also passed over a single guy that they met once. We taught him the Restoration, gave him a soft baptisimal invite, and he accepted! he seems pretty solid! We also visited a member that lives pretty close to us in Evry. hes an artist and super cool! we all drew a pictures together (I drew a motorcycle of course ;) and shared a spiritual thought. We were told to go in early for newyears eve cuz they didnt want us out on the streets with everyone partying and whatnot so we went back into the appt and played a board game hah. 

thursday- we were also told not to proselyte today, im not sure why, maybe cuz everyone is hung over, or legal reasons, i have no idea. We got to spend some time with a member family during the afternoon. and for the rest of the day we were mostly in the appt making phone calls, writing letters, and we went outside for a bit and played basketball.

friday- today we had to do weekly planning. we just hurried and got it done in the morning after studies. We had a set rendez-vous with a single lady set out in St. genieve des bois and we decided it would be best if we just passed her over to the sisters so we went out there to show them where the house was but she wasnt there :( so elder jacobson and I just stayed out there in St. Genieve and ported the rest of the night. A couple families let us sing to them but noone was interested in us coming back. We have to switch trains in juvisy to get to evry and while we were waiting there in juvisy there were like 6 african guys and girls in a fight and the SNCF security guys had to go break it up.

saturday- We got to teach the t'shama family today, they are a super cool african family of 7! We also went to st. michelle to visit bernard. We had DMP meeting, im not sure what it is in english, something like ward mission leader meeting. our dmp is really cool! after he dropped us off out by St. germain les aparjon so we could see a family that said we could pass back. she was leaving right as we walked to her door and said we'd have to come back another time. so we went and visited George. after we shared a spiritual though with george we had to sprint like a mile to the bus stop to make it in time.

Sunday- The whole T'shama family came to church today!!! it was so sweet! they really liked it too!

alright im going to just stop there. love you all

elder empey