Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Week 3

Hey Family! How are things going? So I can't quite remember what I said in my last letter so sorry if I repeat some stuff.

So where to begin. I haven't really told you guys about all the people in my district so I guess I'll start there. Elder Pratt is from Logan, he's pretty cool and has a lot of the same interests as me like motorcycles and outdoorsy stuff. Elder Hamilton is his companion; he swam in high school so that's cool. He reminds me of Logan Wrigley, he's super funny without even trying. I'll Denwaring is super nice and misses his family a bunch, probably the most homesick out of us. Elder Blackham is his companion and he has the best one-liners ever! So funny! And then I think I already told you about my companion. He's from Texas. He's the only one in our district not from Utah. He's pretty into computers and he's really smart, definitely progressing the fastest out of us in French. I actually like him a lot. And he's pretty funny.

I feel like I'm picking up on French more. At first when me and my companion would teach our "investigator" he did most of the talking but now it's evened out quite a bit. The first guy that we taught actually just became one of our teachers. So we have two now. His name is brother Releford. He's super cool.

I'm not sure what else to say. I'll tell you funny story that happened today. Elder Blackham was wearing his tie that has a little camelback canteen built into it. It's pretty sweet. He also has a pillow one. Anyway we were outside with our district and one other district getting taught a lesson by Sr. McKay. And Elder Blackham was standing next to this random girl. There's was just a little bit of water left in his tie and for some reason he decided to empty it right then. It was really quiet and everyone just heard a splash and the girl was like "what just splashed on my feet?" And everyone just looked at him and another girl said "Did you just wet yourself?" And he just didn't know what to do. Then everyone from our district started busting up laughing. And then Sister McKay had to explain to the other district that it was his tie. It was hilarious! We are still laughing about it in our room. LOL. Well I love and miss all you guys, I hope you thought that story was funny.

Elder Empey.

PS dad thanks for forwarding me Jake and Brad's email addresses

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