Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 23

supppppppp! the update for this week......

Toward the begining of the week we visited lots of members and amis cuz Elder Davis was going home. On Wednesday morning we went into Paris for transfers. We got there kinda early so Elder davis and I looked through Notre Dame real quick haha. We chilled at the Saint Mairie chapel for quite a while figuring stuff out. they have a thing called Paris P Day for all the missionairies that are going home right then so Elder Davis and I said our goodbyes :( and he went off and did fun paris stuff. Elder Davis is sooo cool! I miss him a bunch already! our appt just isnt the same without him. so i had to wait at the chapel for quite a while cuz my new comp was coming in from the far east part of france. he got there at like noon and we ate up there real quick and headed down to evry. His name is Elder Jacobson. he is really obedient and a really good missionary. he was talking to everyone on the train ride down here and we found a new family from it!! we have taught them once since then and will be seeing them again in a few days then they said they would come to church too!

The rest of our week has been really good. We've been doing quite a bit of porting and contacting. for porting we have been caroling and its worked pretty good! We have been let in a few times and have gotten a new family as ami's from it. I thought more people would let us in cuz all we ask is to sing for them but they always say no and i have no idea why! i feel like if I had two kids from a different country show up at my door wanting to sing I would love to hear them sing a christmas song with funny accents but i guess thats not the case for these people. thats okay though.

hmmmmmm is there anything else i want to share.......... i dont really think so
heres a pic of elder davis and I with Samuel. he's super cool. and one in Notre Dame

love you all :)

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