Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 21

Dres ran into his trainer, Elder Baldwin, at a conference in Paris

Ben got the Priesthood

heyyyyyyyy hows everybody doing? this week has been good :) no crazy experiences or stories so i guess ill just give you a little overview of the week :)

we got back in touch with some old amis this week, Samuel and Admaya. They're super cool, i taught them once with elder Baldwin when i first got here in Evry but after that couldn't find much time to meet with us so we lost contact a little bit until they saw me in the gare (train station) on Sunday i think it was. They said that they missed our visits and wanted us to come over again. we've seen them a couple times this week and they're actually super solid. they could totally be baptized soon except they aren't married and cant get married until next year so the elders that will be here then will get to do that. oh and they speak English so that's fun :)

we've also been meeting with Alberto quite a bit too. He's 19 and LOVES his bible. our rendezvous with him can get just a tiny bit out of hand some times when he wants to argue doctrine in the bible but other than that he's cool

we also met this young African lady in the park. we went over to her house and she had invited 5 of her cousins to the rendezvous too. It went really well! and two of them came to church yesterday

OH! we got the police called on us earlier this week haha! we were porting in a neighborhood and someone thought we were thieves or something and called the police. they pulled up next to us and got out of their car but it was all chill. we just explained that were missionaries and they told us to just be careful about knocking on doors when its dark outside, and left.

the whole mission is doing "Christmas contacting" so we center our contacting and porting on christs birth. So we started going caroling for porting! Except...... no one has even let us yet haha. we've only been doing it for a couple days but I'm pretty surprised that people still say no when we just ask them if we can sing a Christmas song for them. I'm sure at least one person will let us in this week so ill tell you guys about that next week :)

Thanks for all of you emails and whatnot, i love it! oh and thank you for my awesome little Christmas tree! its so rad! we decorated it on thanksgiving. also the elders say thank you for their Christmas countdown calendars! :)

love and miss you all

Elder Empey

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