Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 24

The Empey family has a Christmas tradition that Grandma Dorothy Orton came up with and does every year.  All the cousins and family get together and make "candy trains".  Dorothy sent all the stuff for Dres and his companion and roommates to make them too.  They loved it.

suppppp. hey thanks so much for those videos! they're sweet! im sitting here in the cyber cafe holding back tears just having watched  you guys play paranoia.

skyping.... so i will be at this members house to skype at around 7pm here. I'm not sure if elder jacobson will be going first or me so i might be calling at 8pm or a little later. i will be able to send you emails that day off of members phones and whatnot so i'll let you know if things change and once they are more certain. I'm totally fine with anyone you would like to be there. it is totally fine if it is just the imediate family or if other people are there. its whatever you want.

i sent a package to you guys last p day so hopefully it gets there before christmas. i had a hard time finding cool stuff to buy and thinking of specific stuff for everyone so its kinda just a bunch of random stuff.

i got grandmas package the other day. it was soooo sweet! the other elders loved it!!!!!!!

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