Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 31

heres a pic of me and elder jacobson with samuel and admaya and some other peeps

okay so i dont have like any time this week, im really sorry, but ill be able to fill you in on more deets next week. 

so i left evry on wednesday and now im in metz. leaving evry was pretty sad just because of all the people i had to leave that i had become such good friends with. 

im now in metz and it is super cool!!!!!!! i feel like it is a lot bigger than evry and a lot more historic! there are a bunch of big old buildings and cathedrals and stuff! its super cool! im in another 4 man appt and the appt is huge!!! especially compared to the evry appt. the other elders im with are Elder Lattin (my comp) Elder Libby, and Elder Quist. they are all really nice guys! 

i promise my email will be a lot longer and more detailed next week. im really sorry. 

​i should have some sweet pics of me next to some cool cathedrals and stuff next week too :) 

love elder empey

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