Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 33

Apple Strudel


Zone conf in Paris

Valentine for Mom

its been another solid week in metz! so like i said last week, we decided that we wanted to port (knocking doors) all of centre ville. We have been doing a lot of that this past week and been finding good results! we usualy get a couple of people that say we can come back another time and we have been let in quite a few times as well. one guy that let us in was pretty rad, he told us about all the different religions hes been a part of and that he's kinda done with religion because he kept finding faults. we visited him again last night. he always gives us apple juice and chocolate, and he has sweet band posters all over his walls (nirvana, pearl jam, led zepplin, pink floyd) pretty rad dude!

there was this other lady that said we could pass by another time and so we went back a couple days latter. she told us about how she was having a hard time and had just got done praying and asking god for help when we rung her door bell. pretty cool. 

one of our amis came to church for the first time in a while, and he brought a friend too! 

we got to go over to a member family's house and they taught us how to make a few french dishes! its was super fun! they are really nice and cool! 

love you all! :)

elder empey 

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