Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 53

Olivia Dinge invited us over for lunch the other day, this is her son, he's a stud 

This is our ami Andrée. She's pretty cool

Transferred to Rennes as a ZL

Dres has got to be in this awesome city of Metz for over 6 months and LOVED it.  He is sad to leave the awesome members and people there.  Thanks for being so good to him there!!!

Last week of the transfer! Pretty good week at that too. We had quite a few rendez vous scheduled and almost all of them went through. Don't really have any crazy experiences to share though. It was just a solid week.

We did meet a guy that claims to be a prophet, taught him twice and he's going to call us after he reads the Book of Mormon and gets an answer about it.

The royers invited us over for dinner, they're the coolest! It was elder wells and my last time with them and they gave us these cool Polaroid pictures 

Oh, other big news. I'm going to be transferred to Rennes as a ZL and my comp is going to be elder Baldwin! Yeah that's right, my first comp in the field. Crazy huh?

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