Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 51

We were sent this picture by a member in France over Facebook.  It is of the Fourth of July ward party that the missionaries put on for the ward with a BBQ.

Dres was able to baptize this cute girl, Stacey Dinge, yesterday!


Dang it has been so hot this week! its been up in the 40°  i think
thats close to 100° F and its been super humid as well. on tuesday our
district leader gave a super good training on how we can be mre
effective and efficient as missionaries. one thing we talked alot
about was working out of the area book. elder siedow and i realized
that we havent used the area book as well as we could be so we've been
working out of there quite a bit this past week.

we also had a bbq with the ward which was super fun! we spent all day
setting it up, it was american themed, and it was on the 4th of july
so that was cool. a bunch of members, amis de l'eglise, and other non
members came! it was super sweet! there was a little show after the
bbq and i played a song on the guitar.

I've been in Metz for almost 6 months now and the transfers coming up
in about 2 weeks so I'm guessing I'll probably be transferred soon.

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