Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 55

Solid week, we got to go down to another districts district meeting in our zone on Tuesday. That was down in Brest, which is right on beach, the furthest West Point of France. Brest looks like a super pretty town, I'm stoked to go do exchanges down there. We also had our district meeting with our own district here in Rennes. There's 10 people in our district, they all seem really cool. 

We've got this super cool ami right now, he is 19 and from Romania. Our equipe has been meeting with him for about a month now and he is super solid. We get to meet with him a couple of times every week. He is super sincere and just really wants to do what's right and follow God. He's been meeting with some other churches but just told us that he doesn't feel the same with them as he does with us, he said he feels the spirit super strong in our rdvs and during church. He's a super cool guy! 

There's a pond right next to our appt so if we see any good skipping rocks throughout the day we put em in our bags and skip them at the end of the day on our way home 

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