Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 57

Hey so I don't have a whole bunch of time time to email today. We went up to fougere and saw this sweet castle today, I'll send some pics.

This week was good. We had zone conference which made things pretty busy. Elder Baldwin and I set up interviews with president and we did all those Thursday and then we did the conference Friday.  After the conference we did an exchange with the APs, Elder Latin, my old comp, is the new AP so it was fun being able to chill with him. I did my exchange with elder hall and elder admaya, they're in a three man right now cuz elder halls about to go home. It was super fun! They're all studs.

Saturday, we went to Brest to do a baptismal interview, that went well too. On the train ride home we met this magician. He did some card tricks for us and then we started talking about religion and stuff. It was like a 2 hour train ride and we talked with him the whole time. It was a super good discussion.

Love you all 😘

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