Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Week 58

No letter this week, cuz Dres didn't have time on P day. He was hanging out with me and amber!  (This is court btw). His mission president had given him permission to have a visit from his parents if they're in the area. We visited Paris first and ran into his mission pres and his wife and 15 or so missionaries at the Paris ward house. They had just finished a street display and the Pres was taking the missionaries for frozen yogurt. They invited us along. Some of the missionaries knew Dres very well and one was an old companion. They were really excited to meet Elder Empey's parents. 

After visiting the Versaille Palce, Amber and I drove out to Rennes where Dres is. We were nervous and excited to see our boy. He is doing awesome and is such a great missionary. We spent a couple hours on his P day at Mont St. Michel. This is Dres' second time with Elder Baldwin. Baldwin trained Dres. And now Dres is sending Baldwin home!  Dres still has til June 22nd, 2016 til he's done. 

We also took them grocery shopping. We wanted to help them clean their apartment but only missionaries are allowed to go in there. The best part next to spending time with Dres, was watching him teach love and serve. We went to two appointments. One was with a young man from China who is living in France for school. He doesn't speak French. So the whole lesson was in English. His name is Andy. He has been in the hospital for 3 months for complications from a knee surgery. He joined the church about 4 months ago. Sweet sweet man. 

The second was a man from Congo who spoke French and 5 other languages but no English. We got to listen in and share our testimonies and thoughts. Hearing Dres translate and so eloquently speak French was awesome and beautiful. 

Dres did have time to mess around earlier last week at district meetings he is over as the zone leader.

Thanks for loving a supporting our family and especially Dres. He is an amazing young man and an awesome missionary. We are very excited to see how much he grows in the final 10 months and have him home for good in June. God is good. Life is good.

Thank you. 

Court (Elder Empey's Dad)

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