Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 60

Sup. it's been another great week ๐Ÿ˜Š 

Elder Baldwin and I got to visit a couple member families cuz Elder Baldwin was leaving on Wednesday.  We had dinner with this one family from New Caledonia, they're super cool! 

On Wednesday we headed into Paris for transfers, I took Elder Baldwin to saint merri and then went and found my new comp elder durant. Elder Durante is a cool dude, he's from Minnesota, been out for about a year, and is into a lot of the same things I am. He is a solid missionary and knows what he's doing. 

We had to go into Paris for mission council on Friday and haven't been able to see a bunch of our Amis yet but we did see one. It's this family that we've been teaching for about a month, we fixed a baptismal date with the dad and they came to church on Sunday. We're pretty stoked.

During mission council we talked about how we are going to focus this whole transfer on Jesus Christ and I'm pretty stoked for that too. It made me think of how dad focused a day in the Mtc only on Jesus Christ and how awesome that was. I feel like I've come a lot closer to him since I've left on my mission but I still have a long ways to go and I'm excited to focus all my studies on him.

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