Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 62

Dres turned 20 on September 20th.  When we went to visit him about a month ago, we left some presents to open.  He's been eyeing them patiently waiting to open them and told us it's been tough to wait.  haha.
Elder Durrante has taught Elder Empey to enjoy whittling in their spare time!
Oh man it's been a really busy week. On Tuesday we had our district meeting, elder Stephenson gave a solid formation. We were able to meet with a couple of our Amis and then a cool recent convert guy too.
On Wednesday we woke up super early to take a train into Brest for their district meeting elder Taylor gave a sweet formation as well. We started an exchange with the Brest equipe right after district meeting, I was with elder taylor, we had a couple recent converts to go visit that night but nothing for the afternoon so we hopped on the tram to try and find some people. I talked to quite a few cool people, a guitarist that just got back from a concert in Haiti, a guy that lived in Canada and knew the Mormons, and a Muslim lady. Brest has a car and we had to drive out for about 30 min to get to this town where a recent convert lived. It took us a while to find his address but we finally got there, got to know him, shared a nice little spiritual though and then headed out to find some other less active members in the area. We had a couple addresses to find and we put them in the gps but they didn't end up working and we ended up not being able to find them.
On Thursday morning we went to the train station to catch a train to quimper, there was a problem with the train so the asked where all the passengers were going and they got us taxis instead. We rode in a taxi with this train worker and a wheelchair basket ball player who lived in la for a while. We started our exchange with the elders in quimper. We had the whole day free with no rendez vous so we were going to be out finding all day long. We mapped out a couple old Amis' addresses and decided to go stop by and talk to everyone on the way. I met a super cool 19 year old dude from Martinique on the bus. He was holding a football (don't see that everyday here) so I talked with him about that for a while. He says Michael Orr is his hero and he actually looked just like him too. I was able to talk about the restoration with him and left him with a prayer. I really hope the quimper elders will be able to stat teaching him! He was super cool! After dinner we went out portingin Concarneau we knocked on this one door and the guy was like "Mormons!" "Come on in!" Turns out they had been talking about religion all day so they wanted to hear what we had to say. We talked with the them for a good while and the quimper elders will be going back.
On Friday we took an early train back into Rennes. We had quite a few rendez vous one being with some Chinese girls that elder durant met on the bus. The girl ended up bringing like 5 friends so we taught them all and one of them ended up coming to church!
On Saturday we had a few rendez vous and then there was this stake priesthood thing that elder durant was excited to go to cuz his first ville, cholet, is in the ward and he could see a bunch of people from there. We went and translated for some English members and then we got to go to a super cool members house for dinner. They're from Tahiti. We played guitar with them too which was super fun.
On Sunday one of the Chinese girls came to church with us and we translated for her cuz she doesn't speak French. On Sunday night we went over to another recent convert friends appt and made/ate dinner with him.
Right now we're up in st malo for our p day. We went and checked out the beach and ate in a cool restaurant. St malo is a pretty sweet ville! 


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