Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 73

It's been a good week. The weather has been oddly warm the past couple of days, it's been nice! Nice enough not to need to wear a jacket.

Tuesday- we had district meeting at the church and then we went to a rendez vous with this guy named Abraham. He is a 75 year old Belge man who was baptized about 25 years ago but then started studying the koran and was going to mosque instead. He recently saw the liege 2 equipe (I'm in liege 1) and he decided he wanted to start coming back to church. We have met with him a couple of times and boy have we heard some stories. This guy has done some crazy stuff. He was in a concentration camp for 4 years because his mother was Jewish, he was a

parachutist for the army, he was a press photographer and travelled the world taking photos, he's travelled around the US, and a bunch of other stuff. He's a cool guy.  We also ate at a cool members family house that night

Wednesday - we had a rendez vous with a new ami "Dan the man" we sent out a mass text to all the contacts we didn't know in the phone a while ago asking if they were interested. This guy that was marked Dan Romania replied and said we could come over. We got over there and he opens the door and he's this tall pale Romanian guy that looks like a vampire, pretty sweet. I gave him the nick name "dan the man" and he loved it. He lived in the US for a while and so he was speaking English to us and told us about all his adventures, meeting Michael
Jackson, going to the US, going to prison and escaping from prison then having to go back for a long time, pretty exciting. We fixed another return rendezvous and are going to see him Saturday.

Thursday -I don't know if I have anything to share about Thursdaynothing too exciting, just a couple of rendez vous and contacting

Friday - we met with a new ami in this pub, it was kinda hard to talk and stuff but we met a lot of his friends and one of them is really searching for God right now and we are going to try and meet with him.  The APs came up from Paris to start our exchange that night, we picked them up at the gare and then got dinner together. It was fun hanging out with elder lattin that night, he's a fun dude

Saturday - I was with elder lattin for the exchange and it was super fun. We went out contacting and talked a lot about the mission and what not. He's going home in like a week. We were supposed to see Dan the man but that got cancelled and moved to Monday night. We ate lunch and talked about zone stuff then we took them to the gare. We had a Christmas party at the church that night and our ami François came. It was quite the event. People had put a lot of work into it. All the missionaries were part of a choir and the nativity was acted out by
members with little pauses where we would sing. We all ate after that.

Sunday - church was good. We had to give a last minute lesson in our gospel principles class because there was no teacher but it went really well cuz Abraham was there and made lots of comments hah. We got to go eat at François house after and have a little lesson. He is such an awesome dude! Love that guy!

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas! Can't wait to skype! Love you

Elder empey

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