Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 71 - Familiar Face

Elder Empey go to see Wade Bringhurst!  He is a friend from high school that was in the band 5ive Seasons with Dres!  Elder Bringhurst is in the Holland mission which covers the Dutch speaking portions of Belgium.

Elder Empey and Elder Bringhurst in Belgium together!!!


comp Elder Riess

This was our week of exchanges. Just like last transfer how elder durant and I had to go to like 4 district meetings and do a bunch of exchanges we did that here as well. This week was a lot easier though cuz we only have 3 districts in our zone and they are a lot closer.

Monday night we went down to nivelle and stayed the night down there. We went to Charleroi the next morning for their district meeting. I got to see elder quist, an elder who I lived with in Metz.  We went back up to nivelle and did an exchange with the elders there.  We spent another night there and then went up to Brussels the next

We went to the district meeting in Brussels and then started another exchange just after. We worked all day and then the other elders wanted to meet us at a resturant for some dinner and guess who was there! Wade Bringhurst! They surprised me! It was super fun seeing him! He recently got to Brussels and I'm going to be here in liege for a good while so I'm pretty sure we could see each other again, we go up to Brussels pretty often.

We came back to liege the next morning, now we're on Thursday. We went to our district meeting and then started an exchange here in Liege with the elders we share an apartment with. I was with elder motiuk, we had a good time. Did a good bit of contacting and porting. 

On Friday I was back with elder Reiss and it was a normal day for us. Finally. We had a rendez vous with one of our Amis that we gave a Book of Mormon last week. We showed up and asked if he had read any and he told us that he has read half of it! That is the first time that has ever happened to me! We fixed a baptismal date for him. I'm pretty stoked! 

We had a few rendez vous on Saturday and did a good amount of contacting but I can't remember anything interesting that happened 😁

Church was good on Sunday. Then kinda the same dealio as Saturday after that. 

So yeah 😊 that was my week 

Love you all! 

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