Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 74

What a great week


On Tuesday night we took a train up to Brussels and stayed the night next to Elisabeth Parc with the four Brussel elders. Early the next morning we took the metros to the Norby's, a missionary couple, and Elder Norby drove us down to Waterloo for some legality stuff. All we had to do was talk to a doctor for about two minutes and he signed some papers then we were good. Elder Norby took us all out to McDonald's after 😊  He drove us back up to Brussels and then elder Reiss and I took a train back to Liege. 

Wednesday night: we made candy trains! Thanks grandma! 

Christmas Eve: a member came and picked us up and took us to this member that just barely moved into our ward. They had all of their stuff moved over but it was all just sitting in one room and bunch of stuff needed to be taken up to the attic. We helped him for a good portion of the day. He just moved from the Dutch speaking part of Belgium and he speaks like 5 languages. He had 3 cute little daughters. That night we went with the other elders to a families house from their branch. They were super cool. They have a son that got back from his mission not to long ago. He restored old pedal bikes. They fed us a big meal and we even ate escargot (snails) they weren't too bad. 

Christmas: we got to sleep in! We opened presents and then walked around the ville a little bit. It was raining but not too cold. The other elders left to go eat lunch with a member family and elder Reiss and I went to McDonald's hah. That night we took a train to a little town called trois-pont where a recent convert member family came and picked us up. We got to skype home and then we ate a big dinner with them. They are super cool. 

So when we weren't doing Christmas stuff or legality this week we were out on the streets finding some peeps to share the Christmas spirit with. We found a cool new ami from Congo. He plays gospel on the guitar. We also have been meeting with our ami François, he has been doing great! He's such an awesome guy

Love you all! 

Elder empey 

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