Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 75 - Transferred to Brussels, Belgium

So yeah, I just barely got here to liege six weeks ago and I'm being transferred again. Elder Reiss and I will be staying together but we are both being moved to Brussels. It kinda sad that I wasn't able to get to know the ward and area super well but Brussels seems like a super cool ville so I'm stoked for that. And good ole Wade Bringhurst is going to be in in my same ville so I'll see him all the time!

Tuesday: we had a rendez vous early this morning with our ami Aimé, he's from Congo. He actually has a lot of potential. He read the stuff we left with him and is sincerely searching. We took a bus up to the church after that for a cleaning project. It was almost done by the time we got there and so we just ate some lunch with them. A member drove us into town after and we met up with François in this billiards bar place in town to have a little lesson and a Coke. He's a funny dude. He drove us to a members house after that. We went out to stop by a couple of less actives and we met a guy that seems like he had forgotten he was a member but wants us to come back cuz he's interested hah.

Wednesday: we had district meeting, I made garlic bread, and took some district photos because it's the last week of the transfer. We went to buy some tickets at the gare for transfer day Wednesday but it turns out that there's a strike that day and the day after and there will be no trains running in Belgium. That's going to cause lots of
problems for transfer day. We let the APs know and we're going to have to work something out. We had a dinner appointment down in a town called Verviers so we decided to just go down early and do some work down there. The member came and picked us up and we had dinner with him and his wife. He is American and she is Italian. After dinner he took us to the gare and we took a train back into liege.

Thursday: i went on an exchange with big k (elder kaonohi) and that was super fun! We had quite a few rendez vous. One with Aimé in the morning, he accepted a soft baptismal invite, then one with François, we ate lunch with him, and then we went to Abrahams, a cool 80 year old guy that wants to start coming back to church. We got back with the other elders and went up to a family's house for New Years. They fed us a really good meal and we played uno hah. On the way up I met a cool guy from chile who was interested in learning more about our

Friday: our apartment is pretty close to centre-ville and all the parties going on were pretty loud last night hah. We stopped by a market for lunch and then walked back to the apartment to do our weekly planning. We visited this guy named darios, he's a cool young African member that's living here in liege to go to school. We went out and contacted but there weren't very many people on the road at all, they were all sleeping from the cozy parties the night before.

Saturday: we had to get some tickets for some people to go down the Paris the day before transfers because of this strike going on. We called the senior elder in Brussels and organized how we are going to get everyone to their new villes and stuff. We had a wma meeting and then took a bus into town for a rendez vous we scheduled at 5 with a new ami, we kinda had the feeling he wouldn't show up so we had scheduled a rendezvous at the same spot for just 30 min after and we were right, he didn't show up, but the second guy did 😊 we met these
two African brothas tonight and they were both interested, we fixed a
rdv for Tuesday

Sunday church was good. We said goodbye to all the members. We visited Abraham again and his friend was there again, I think she has a crush on me haha she's like 80 hah. We also got to visit a member family and eat with them

Love you guys 😘

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