Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 11


wassss uppp!?!? thank you sooooo much for the birthday packages! and tell grandma thank you for hers too, it had the most perfect stuff in there, i was about to buy shoe shine stuff but right before we went to the store i got her package and there was some in there! I loved that book you guys made! its perfect!

it has been an awesome week! we got a new ami who is super solid! We actually first contacted him like the 2nd week i was here, we gave him a book of mormon but he didnt want to meet with us again. Then just the other day we ran into him again. He doesnt believe in god but he really wants to so he's willing to try anything we ask him to do like read scriptures and pray! oh and he plays the guitar too! super cool guy!
the district leader had to go on an exchange with my comp this week which meant i got to go with his comp, elder congerton, who has also only been out here in france for 5 weeks haha we managed to get by though. we were able to get our point accross while contacting and teaching a few lessons he had planned for the day, it qas pretty rough but funny too.
love elder empey
dad you're the best!!!! my birthday was great! I actually opened the BLURB package "birthday eve" cuz i just couldnt wait :/ i love that book sooo much! my roomates bought me a kebab for lunch. kebabs are the best! we get one like every week! im not sure if you know what they are or if youve had one but im sure youll look them up after you read this ;) i do remember that they had the same sort of thing at that greek place in laguna though. kebabs arent even french but they are everywhere here!
how is sam rebman doing? could you find out his email for me?
did you keep a journal on your mission? do you think you could send me a picture inserts from when you first started or letters or something? im just interested to see how you felt when you were first starting your mish.

i love you!!!!!!!!

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