Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 8

Dres with one of his sweet friends, Kim Gubler at the MTC


This week has been pretty good. On Tuesday I went on an exchange with the district leader Elder Ricks, the district leader. He's an awesome missionary! We talked to every single person we saw and taught a bunch of lessons! He's super good at french too! People thought he was french. 

Wednesday we switched back, me and Elder Baldwin did some porting (door to door) and found this awesome old lady from Ethiopia. we taught her a lesson and gave her a book of mormon, i'm pretty sure she'll become an investigator but we wont be teaching her, the sisters will. 

Thursday we had a bunch of rendezvous planned, they all ended up cancelling but it was still an awesome day because we ended up finding quite a few people by contacting and gave them lessons instead. 

Friday was kinda rough, we had some rendezvous set up but none of them showed and we couldnt find anyone else to teach either. 

Saturday we helped a less active familly move furniture, we also got to go out to this pretty little town Saint Germain-les Aparjon to find a guy that we were reffered to by the Saint George Temple! Pretty crazy huh!? I think he was on vacation in St. George, was at the visitors center, and told them he'd like to know more. We only had an adress and no phone number for him so we just had to go to his house but noone was there :( 

On Sunday I was asked to introduce myself and bare my testimony in sacrament, that was kinda scary doing it in french and all. We also taught an investigator that night, Edward, he's a super cool guy from Nigeria. We teach him in English so thats cool. 

Today we all went shopping at Carrefour, and while we were there we decided that we wanted to see if we could go a full week on only cereal and milk so well see how that goes haha. hope you're all doing good! I love you!

(Answering random questions from me and Amber)

yeah there are other elders in our appt. elder ireland and elder roth. elder ireland is super cool! he was a dj before he came on his mission and hes from canada! we get along really well! hes super funny! elder roth is a convert as of 2 years ago i think. hes into video games and hes got nice style hah. 

food here is alright, some stuff is really weird like milk, it doesnt need to be refrigerated till its opened and it taste A LOT different. 

there arent any other language missionaries here in evry, only french. i did see some chineese speaking elders when i first got to paris though. 

love Elder Empey

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