Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 9


They wanted to see if they could only eat cereal for the whole week.  They did it!!!  Love the ping pong net on the kitchen table!

His desk with pictures of the Savior, his whole fam, friends and pics of his motorcycle.  

Looks like the other companionship says their prayers long enough to fall asleep!

Hello family!

We made it all week on cereal haha it was kinda sucky but we did have dinner at a few members houses so that was really nice. Some other stuff that happened this week: I got to give this lady a blessing, and we blessed her house too. Shes not a member but has been on and off with the missionaries for a while and lifes been kinda rough for her lately.

Had some interesting contacts, one guy we contacted was a kinda crazy turkish guy. He kept trying to talk politics and about some sort of problems between the US and Turkey. I kept trying to tell him that we are here to talk about jesus and not politics but he just kept going. Another guy we contacted was this big, 50 year old, with one tooth, he was hitting on me and my comp haha

We went out to Aparjon a few times. I really like it out there, theres a bunch of cool, narrow, really french looking streets and buildings.

We taught quite a few lessons but we dont have any progressing amis which is kinda a downer. I feel like the amis we do have only like to meet with us because they like to discuss their views but they dont really care about our church. There was a random guy that elder baldwin contacted like a month ago that just showed up to church so there might be some potential there :)

okay so to answer some of your questions mom and dad. so you already know a bunch of stuff about my comp. from stalking him haha. Hes pretty cool. He has 5 sisters and no brothers. He loves fishing, and country music. I would say that me and him have very different personalities, interests, and senses of humor. He is a solid missionary, follows all the rules, and can speak french pretty well. Even though were very different we still get along fine. 

ill send you a vid tour of our appt next week

the members feed us a lot! its really nice! probaby 2 times a week, maybe thats not a lot to other missions, idk haha. the members are sweet! 

i have to leave the library right now, hopefully i can repy to the rest of this email next week. love you! you are the best! thank you for everything!!! oh and i got the two packages :) thanks! i promisse i wont open them till the 20th (the 20th of September is Joe's birthday and we have sent him two packages, glad he got them)


Elder Empey

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