Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 12

Dres with his companion/trainer, Elder Baldwin, and the bishop of the Evry ward and his family 

 Elder Empey is already getting a new companion!  Elder Davis is from Seattle.  He is currently the AP and his mission ends in December.  I've already stalked him on Google and found his blog

I think this is the way they find out where they are getting transfered?!?

whassss upppp!?!? so stuff that went down this week..... we had the last district meeting of the transfer on tuesday. wednesday i cut my own hair for the first time, it actually looks pretty good ;) on thursday all of the blues and their trainers met up in paris and all of us blues went and did our first year legality (ofii) while the trainers went contacting in paris. it was super awesome cuz i got to see my whole mtc district! elder sherren is sooo rad! i forgot how funny he is! on friday we got to go over to the bishops house for a mangez vous. the bishops familly is super cool! sunday was a fun day. theres a lady from oregon in our ward and she brought us root beer from the US!
alright now ill share a little spiritual story from this week. so toward the first of the tranfer we found this super cool lady that let us into her house and teach her a lesson. we gave her a BOM but she said that she cant read french very well, only speak it, because she is from ethiopia. she told us the language that she spoke and we looked quite a bit for a BOM in that language, we ended up with 2 diferent languages that were close and we picked one of them. we took it to her house just the other day and it ended up being the right one! she was soooo happy when she saw that we had one in her language! she started reading it right then!
love and miss you all!
elder empey

oh! i forgot something, im getting a new comp. we all thought that elder baldwin might be getting transfered because he's been in evry for like 6months. my new comp will be elder Davis i think hes from washington state, he'll get here on wednesday. he is actually an AP right now! im super excited to be working with him, im sure ill be able to learn a lot!

ahh daddio youre the best!!

i was able to go on a computer at the curch last sunday and see the videos that you have sent so that was awesome! you can just keep sending them how you have been and ill be able to see them every once in a while :) maybe once we get ipads it will be really easy to see them idk we'll find out as we go

sorry my emails arent very detailed theres quite a few emails to reply to and im still not very fast on these french keyboards. maybe if i have time this week i will send you a letter with the usual day to day schedule and other stuff


I love hearing about all this stuff soo much! thank you! i can already see just a little bit of what dad said about how life back home almost seems like a dream or something like that. seeing this stuff and hearing these stories makes it more real which i love!

btw i always do middle splits in my bed when im trying to get to sleep ;) (in response to Dotty's email about practicing her splits in her bed so that she can do them when Dres gets home)

i think you and dad should try and give greg and kristi a run for theyre money ;) im sure isa would love it ;) (in respose to Greg and Kristi Taylor's face painting and intense school spirit at the SCHS Warrior's games)
if you find out where lane johnson is going let me know, i was wondering that just the other day

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