Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 18

Dres sent us this letter and it was AWESOME.  He gave us tons of details about his life as a missionary and little "Random Facts".  He talked about little jokes that he, his companion and the other Elders in his apartment talk about.  He told us about this testimony and how much it has grown.  We LOVED it.

"here's a pic of me giving elder Ireland a hair cut LOL"

So today the library is closed and so we have to do our emails in this little ghetto cybe cafe haha which means i probably wont be able to write very much. Today is the first day of my 3rd transfer! which means I'm not a "blue" anymore! Wednesday will be the day when people get transferred around but ill be staying here in évry with Elder Davis for at least another 4 weeks for sure and then I might be moved to a different city but ill probably stay another 8 weeks after that.

There was only one change made in the appt. Elder Roth is leaving to a different city and Elder Ireland will be training a "blue" he in Evry! im so stoked to have a missionary in the appt that's newer than me! makes me feel old and experienced in the mish ;) we don't know who he is yet but we have a whole bunch of pranks planned for when he shows up in 2 days haha. Since Elder Roth is leaving we went to a sushi buffet today, i think that's the first sit down restaurant I've been in since I've been on my mission so that was pretty fun

Its been a solid week. Our investigator Ben is super solid! Hes super humble and really wants to "give himself to Jesus."  He was supposed to get baptized this next Sunday but there's an activity going on at the church that day so we moved it to Saturday the 22.

I hope everything is going good at home! Glad you guys liked my letter :) here's a pic of me giving elder Ireland a hair cut LOL


Elder Empey

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  1. Hi, This is Jill Carson, Elder Carson is Elder Ireland's new companion. Elder Carson is the new "Blue" in their apartment and the one they will be doing pranks on. haha. I am so glad he will have some fun companions. He is a really fun kid and will have fun with the pranks, so this will be good for him. I am so glad I found your blog. If you want to follow My son's it is It sounds like they will all get along really well. I am like you and google to find out more about the comps. I borrowed one of your pics for my blog and quoted some of your son's email. Let me know if this makes you uncomfortable. I promise I am not a weirdo, haha. My family would love to see what I saw on your blog. They will have a good laugh. Also I wanted to tell you about a Facebook page called "France Paris missionary families". It has a lot of the families who's son's and daughters are in paris france for their missions. It is a great way to hook up with the companions families. Thanks for sharing your blog. so awesome.