Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 20


This week has been awesome!! Bernard got baptized on Saturday!! It was sooo awesome! He kinda just showed up at church about 2 months ago and hasn't missed a Sunday yet! He's friends with this lady in the ward so during that time Elder Davis and I were teaching him a couple of times a week at her house. The baptismal service started out a little bit rough cuz he missed his bus and got there a little bit late but it was all good after that. Our ward mission leader baptized him and then the confermation was yesterday during sacrament meeting. It's so cool to see investigators take that first step in following jesus christ by being baptized. He is such an awesome, humble, loving, guy and he wants to do his very best to follow Jesus.

We had a couple of other cool events this week. On Thursday we all went up to Versaille for a mission conference. It was pretty sweet! Elder Cook was there and gave a pretty sweet talk. It was also cool cuz every single missionary in our mission was there too. It was super cool to see an apostle speak and also see old friends from the MTC and whatnot.

We also got a chance to go down to Dourdan for a day and do some work down there. We went looking for less actives and did some contacting. Dourdan is pretty sweet, its super old, french looking, and has a massive, old, cathedral! super sick!

Things are going great! i hope you all have an awesome week!


Elder Empey

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