Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 19

Dres has not sent any pics this week.  But this is kinda funny.  He told us he was getting a new missionary in his apartment this last week.  So I noticed on his missionary Facebook (France-Paris-Mission-Babin, link on the right of this page) that his new Elder in his apartment is Elder Jaxon Carson from American Fork  He is to the left of the Elder with glasses.  I love that his new comp, Elder Ireland is photo bombing in the window.  I Google stalked him and his family.  Elder Carson has a cool blog too.  I'll include it below. 

Dear Family!

Happy Birthday Mom!!!! I hope you have an awesome day!! you should be getting a letter soon ;)

So we got a new elder in our appt, Elder Carson. He's brand new; from Spanish Fork Utah, and super cool! We played a couple of pranks on him when he first got here. Elder Ireland told him he only spoke french and then when they got to evry he took him to our appt saying it was a referral. Elder davis pretended to be french an i told him that i just moved here from america and dont speak any french. he gave me the whole first lesson and his personal book of mormon and said he would just come get it later haha. they left and then came back and we were back in missionary clothes and he was pretty suprised. elder ireland and davis kept pretending like they only spoke french for 2 more days after that.

Everything is going great with our amis. Ben is going to be getting baptised this saturday!!! im so stoked for that!! hopefully everything works out good. We still need to teach him a few more little things and get an interview with the district leader then we're good. I'll send you guys pictures and tell you how it worked out next week.

hmmm anything else happen this week......... not really. It's been raining a bunch so thats kinda sucky. but other than that everything is sweet!!!


Elder Empey

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