Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 34

okay so one really cool thing that happened this week. we got on the bus to head home and right as we got on i saw this guy and wanted to talk to him but i got kinda scared and didnt say anything. the next stop was coming up and i told myself, if he doesnt get off on this one then i'll talk to him. He didnt get off so i asked him for help with a french word. he helped me with the word and i started to explain how we're missionaries. he told me that i really wanted to talk to us when we first got on the bus but didnt want to disturb us, he got off at our stop with us and we talked to him for another 30 min. He told us that he really wants to become better and wants our help, he also told us that he wants to be baptized. 

we also got to do exchanges up in luxembourg this week! that city is super cool! there are a bunch of really cool, old, bridges! we ate with an american family during our exchange, they were cool. i guess there are a lot of american families in luxembourg. there is also an american store up there and we got to buy root beers and mountain dew! 

we met this really cool less active dude! he plays guitar so me and him jammed for a bit. he records gospel stuff. 

weather is starting to warm up just a little bit so thats nice. 

i feel like a few more exciting things happened this week but i forgot my planner and theyre all written in there :/

love you all 

elder empey 

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