Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 35

heres a pic of those rockers we met
Dres has a buddy, Elder Chalmers, who is in Michigan and posted this on his blog.
"My street address reminds me of Joe every time!"

we got a new ami this week who's super solid! he's from sierra leone and speaks English. One of our other amis introduced us to him as we were walking out of his appt building with him. this guy has lost everything in the past few months and he just wants to follow jésus. im writing home a big letter and i have some more détails about that in there, dont want to spoil it ;)

elder lattin and I just so happen to keep knocking into some hard rockers recently hah  we were porting one night and heard some ac/dc playing behind a door, we knocked, they invited us in, and we told them a little bit about why we're here. they weren't into religion at all, they're more into that "free love and freedom" kinda stuff but they were interested in what we do as missionaries and we definately left a good impression of mormons.  

we've been doing quite a bit of porting this week

we also went on an exchange in Torcy with our ZLs, I went with elder Nelson, he's super cool!

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