Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 38

The ward house in Metz

tuesday- we ended our language study early to go teach our sierra leonian ami. we got to his door but he wasn't there. but right then the next door neighbor opened his door and it was a semi active member that just moved into the ward! so we talked with him for a bit. it will be really nice to have him next door so he can teach with us. later that night we were porting and some chinesse college kids let us in and we prayed with them, they spoke a little bit of french but were going to stop by and get them a restoration brochure in chinesse. another Young college kid and his friend let us pray with him, he wasnt interested in us coming back but he was nice. A lady yelled at me for knocking on her door

wednesday-We had our district meeting up in Luxembourg today. my comp was feeling sick throughout the morning and then puked like 3 times up at district meeting so when we got back to metz he went to bed. I decided to do some area book work while he was in bed so i called all the potentials to see if anyone would be interested to fixa rendez-vous and hear more about our message and i actually fixed a couple :) i also did some cleaning and organizing in the appt.

thursday- my comp was still feeling a bit sick in the morning so i made some more calls from our area book. we went up to Thionville for our meeting with our dmp. when we went to get on our train home a guy contacted me and sat with me on the train and was asking me a bunch of questions about christianity and stuff. he was kinda just trying to argue about it all though. while porting that night at an appt building a girl answered on the intercom and said she was all alone so we couldnt come in but then she came all the way down to the door just to give us each a chocolate. that might happen all the time in US missions but it never does here so it was really nice of her. we gave her a book of mormon.

friday- I got your guys' package with deodorant and toothpaste! thank you soo much! i loved dads mission stories in there as well! we did our weekly planning and then went to the Church to meet a couple that i fixed a rendez vous with from the potential calls i made, they didnt show up though :/ we also went visiting teaching with a member from the ward. we visited a part member family where we havent really been able to progress with and he shared an awesome spirital thought!! i think we will be able to start progressing with them. oh and dad, i contacted this german guy on the bus, he spoke English really well, he wasnt interested but he accepted a card

saturday- we had a rendez vous scheduled at the Church with our sierra leonian ami. while we were waiting one of our other amis (a guy that i contacted on the bus and was super solid  but didnt show up to a few rendez-vous after that) called and was apologizing for not showing up the past couple of times. we fixed a rendez vous with him for that night. our sierra leonian ami showed up late after that but then we had a really good lesson with him, hes a super smart guy! the other rendez vous we fixed for that night went really well too! it was our first real lesson with him cuz the only other time we talked with him was on the bus that first time. i hope he progresses.

sunday- theres a new family in the ward! they live up in Thionville and he works in luxemboug for Amazon and they are american. we could only talk to the dad for a second but he seems really cool. he mentioned that they lived in surgarhouse for a while, maybe it was the same time as us? idk, ill have to ask them next sunday. we gave a blessing to a less active member, that went really well. we also got to eat at a members house, the raymond family. he is super cool! hes the guy thats really into guitars if you remember me telling you about them.

love you! 

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