Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Week 36

another good week in metz! Ive been kinda sick the past week, nothing major, and definitely not enough to stay inside. just a constant cough and sore throat. other than that things have been great :) 

we fixed a baptismal date with one of our amis! he's from sierra leone and super cool! the other day he was telling us how someone was giving him some trouble for reading the Book of Mormon and he just said "have you ever read this book?" and then went on to tell them about the whole restoration, first vision, and joseph smith. He remembered everything! It can be hard for some of our amis to comprehend and retain the stuff we teach and also be able to stand up to other people about it so I was really impressed.  

i got to give a talk in church on sunday, it went really well. i based it off "rescuing in unity" by chi hong wong, given in the last general conference. speaking french in front of large groups of people can be a little bit nerve racking (however you spell that) but its become easier and easier over time. i really like that story that he uses from mark 2:1-5 about the four men bringing this paralytic to jesus through the roof and how he relates it to us and how we need to help others that our spiritually sick to come unto christ. 

today is the first day of my 6th transfer, we got the new repertoire on saturday. i'll be staying here in metz for another 6 weeks with elder lattin. im loving my comp, he's rad! Elder Libby got transferred to reims and he'll be leaving on wednesday. the name of the elder whose coming into our appt in the other equip is Elder Wells. i don't know him but elder libby was in the mtc with him and said he's a cool dude. the zones also got mixed up a little bit too. we used to be in the Paris East zone, where we had to go down to paris for zone conferences, exchanges, ect but we got changed to the Nancy zone which is a lot closer. 

the weather has been warming up a bit, spring should come soon :) ive seen some sweet bikes recently, a couple café racers :) hoping for more as it gets warmer ;) hah 

hmmm what else.....  it think thats about it 

love you all! 

heres pics of our week 5 district meeting and us getting kebabs 

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