Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 40

tuesday-we had distric meeting this morning and then started an exchange with the luxembourg elders here in metz. i was with elder jenesse, hes from indiana. we tried to pass by some amis and then tried to do some porting passbacks. we met a super nice old lady that let us pray with her and we're going back in a couple of days. there were 8 people staying in our appt tonight cuz both the luxembourg elders were here for exchanges then the ZLs were both here on an exchange with the other elders, partayy

wednesday-getting ready in the morning with all 8 was a little hectic hah, we went out proselyting and passed by a few more people then ended our exchange. we contacted a cool older guy in the park that seems like hes been prepared to recieve the gospel, he had some good questions for us and we'll be seeing him nex week as well. we visited this really cool african less active guy. he plays guitar in paris for a living. that went really well. some older members expressed to us that its kinda lame that they have seminary for young kids, institute for college kids, but nothing during the week for older single members so we started a little family home evening/institute for older single members and we do it everywednesday. were studying the book of mormon and each of us missionaries takes turns teaching the lesson. we hope to be able to have our amis come to that too so they can understand the book of mormon better. i got your guys' easter package as well, thank you sooo much! loved it! 

thursday-we did an exchange with the other elders in our appt. i was with elder quist in his sector. he is a super cool guy, very selfless and christlike. we went to our dmp meeting in thionville, came back, finished the wallpaper project at the members new appt, and then went to centre ville to meet a guy for a rdv but he didnt show. then we went porting out in this little nice neighborhood. 

friday- went out contacting w/ elder quist, after a while we decided to mix things up and see how porting would work out in the middle of the day. we actually met some really cool people, we met this guy that said no to us at first but he was leaving his house as we were walking away and started asking us questions about our mission. he was super cool. hes a musician and does concerts in england. after we exchanged back, elder lattin and i went and visited a less active lady and her family, she has some health problems and cant come to church. she used to live in the US when she was younger, her dad worked in the pentagon and she has some pretty crazy stories. i got to give her a blessing.

saturday- there are these 3 less active brothers in the ward that we stopped by today. they're pretty cool, one of them served a mission too. we told them about the institute thing on wednesdays and they told us theyd love to come. We went and helped a lady from the ward move, it went super quick cuz she had everthing ready for us and she was just moving down the street. we got to teach our sierra leonian ami today as well. his brother just died back in africa, this guys has been through so many trials the past couple of months. we taught about eternal families and temples. he likes to tell us very long stories that take up most of the teaching time. 

sunday- elder lattin was sick this morning so we had to stay home from church. we did our weekly planning. the raymond family had us over for dinner, they are a super cool family! 

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