Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 41

Free Cokes and Rottweilers

we went on an exchange in Luxembourg this week and i saw this sweet cafe racer! 
one of the coolest things about being a missionary is wearing a name tag, you stick out so much and almost everyone knows who you are. the other day we were walking down a street in centre ville and we heard some yelling coming from behind us, we turned around and saw this tall, 50 year old, French dude running towards us. I was about to book it but he started talking to us and we realized he was a nice guy. he spoke to us in pretty decent english and was telling us how much he loves the missionaries. he was kinda drunk but really nice. he insisted on buying us cokes and we said yes. he took us over to this little pub/bar thing, bought us some cokes, and we sat with him and his friend for a few minutes. we briefly went over the restoration and then left shortly after. so yeah, that was a fun little story of something that happened this week. 

another cool experience from this week. we got a text from this less active that we've been trying to see for a while saying that he was in the hospital and to pray for him. we set up a rdv with him for a couple days after so we could give him a blessing. we got over their and his appt was a mess, it was so sad. he is a convert of a couple years and had never received a blessing before. elder lattin gave him the blessing and after it was over the spirit was so strong, he opened up to us a lot, it was really cool. It seems like hes having a really rough time right now and i feel like our little rdv with him really helped. 

oh yeah, and his rottweiler (or however you spell that) tried to kill me on our way out. he held her back though hah 

i dont have any time left but next week we'll have our ipads to email with and it will be so much easier :) you'll be gettin some good, long, detailed emails ;) hah 


We got an awesome surprise this last week.  Dres told us to expect a call from his bishop's wife.  The bishop and his wife are both American, but have lived in Metz for 9 years as college professors.  They have 6 kids aged 4-17. They are the Vass family.  Sister Vass's mom lives in the St George area.  She brought a package that Dres had for us.  It had a huge 10 page written letter, an SD card with tons of pics and videos, ties for me, Abe and Hank and necklaces for the girls.  There were other bits of memorabilia from Dres.  Anyway, Amber met up with the Vass family at the dentist here in St. George to get the package and was BAWLING to be with someone who gets to see Dres all the time!  Awesome little surprise.

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