Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Week 42

Getting a "Bleu" (fresh missionary out of MTC)

whassssss upppp! 

so the transfer just ended and transfer day is Wednesday. ill be staying here in metz but elder lattin is leaving to antony, he'll be a ZL. I'm going to be going into paris to get a brand new missionary as my comp, straight out of the mtc, so yeah ill be training :) pretty stoked for that! i dont know his name yet, whenever someone trains all it says is "new" on the repitoire where your companions name is, so i'll be finding out there. 

we had an ipad confrence yesterday but we didnt get them then, i think we'll be getting them in a couple days or at the next zone confrence, who knows. 

about a week and a half ago elder lattin and i were heading through centre-ville to get to a street we were porting and this guy aproached us. we were waiting at a cross walk and walked up next to us and said "your the mormon missionaries, right?" we started talking to him and found out that he had met missionaries back in martinique. we were able to exchange numbers and as he left he remarked how he was sure that joseph smith was a prophet. that never happens to us! random people on the street that know who joseph smith was and already have a testimony that he was a prophet! he invited us to his appt to have dinner and he was super super nice! im really excited to meet with him some more. 

luv ya 

elder empey 

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