Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 39

Dres' Mission Pres' wife takes alot of pics of zone conf, etc and posts them on Facebook.  Link is on the right.  You can see Dres on the very back row on the left

i wish i could give you guys another play by play, day to day email this week but i dont have a whole bunch of time today so im only going to be able to give you some highlights.

i cut my own hair :)

we got to help tear down and put up some more wallpaper in this girls appt. its really fun being able to do little service projects cuz they dont come around very often

we had a multi-zone confrence in paris and then did an exchange in Nancy with our ZLs

we also helped a lady in the ward move 

conference was soooo awesome! i loved it! i feel like im able to get so much out of it right now as a missionary!

oh and were going to be getting ipad minis april 27th at a mission wide confrence so that'll be cool

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