Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 43

hey! since i just talked to you guys yesterday this will probably be a kinda short email.

its been a solid week. one of our amis that we've been having a hard time getting to church finally came so that was cool.

a senior couple came and checked our apartment and then bought us patisseries after :) that was fun and nice of them.

it was so nice to see your guys' faces and talk to you on Sunday! i love you guys soo soo much! happy mothers day mom!

elder siedow is rockin it! he's a stud.


We were still sleeping at 8 AM on Sunday when Dres called us.  He was suppose to call between 9-10.  We scrambled and got everyone up to talk with him.  We had an awesome Mother's Day talk with Dres!  We spent about an hour on Skype with him and he looks and sounds amazing.  He is loving his service and mission!  He is so confident and handsome and spending time with him was a highlight!  It felt like we were all hanging out as a family for a whole hour!  Like old times!  It was certainly a good day!

Dres speaking French for us

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