Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Week 45

Hey! we're taking our pday today (wednesday) cuz we had a whole bunch of stuff going on the past two days. im just going to go through the week and give you little highlights/summaries of each day :)

tuesday (may 19)- last night the luxembourg elders came down and stayed the night and today we are on exchanges. Im with elder christensen, hes a cool dude. one cool thing that happened today: we went out to go porting and showed up in this neighborhood with a bunch of possible ways to start heading. we werent sure where to go so we said a prayer and then tossed a flower in the air to see what way it would point (neither of us had any impressions so we resorted to that) we went that direction and started knocking doors. after a few rejections we came to this house and an older guy came to the door. he brought us into his garage and we started talking to him. he was a super nice and cool old guy (around 80) he shared a lot with us and cried a few times while doing it, he was soo sweet. we explained the book of mormon to him and gave him a copy but then had to run to catch our bus. we told him we would come back to help him in his garden so im hoping we can do that soon

ok i might not to be able to be as descriptive for these next days, i dont have much time left hah

wednesday- we had our district meeting in luxembourg and it was super sweet! we did it next to this old fort that 
overlooks the city, pretty cool. we did a lot of contacting with not much success after we got home. we had a rendez-vous with a less active and right before we got to her appt building we started talking to this cool college student, i think were going to meet with him again.

thursday- we had our dmp meeting up in thionville and then did some contacting up there afterwards. we met a family of 5 while porting a couple days ago and they invited us over for dinner tonight. They are super cool! they have 3 sons with the ages of 19 17 and 14 and they are all super cool, one of them plays rugby so we tossed the ball in their back yard for a couple of minutes too!

friday- not much to share about today, hah sorry

saturday- we visited our sierra leonian ami today and that went really well. last saturday we were contacting by this park and talked to a guy but he was in a hurry so he asked if we could meet at the same spot today. we showed up and he was there! we shared the restoration with him and he understood it all really well. we are going to see him again next saturday too!

sunday- we ate at a member familys house tonight and it was really fun. the dad just barely got a new guitar and was showing it to us, its pretty sweet. church was good but other than that, not much to share about today either

monday- today we went down to nancy for interviews with president and soeur Babin. those were really good. i love our mission president, hes a really cool guy and i respect him a lot! we also got to have our family home evening with a member family that we do every monday. they did a little bbq for us and it was awesome! they are sooo cool!

tuesday- we went to zone conference down in nancy today, that was really good. the training were super good and i feel like i learned a lot. they focused on the teaching cycle and how to better prepare our lessons.

today- we went and visited a cemetery this morning :) 

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