Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 43

heyyyyy! so yeah there has been a bunch of rain this past week but its been sweet! 

on wednedsay elder lattin and i went into paris for transfers. I left him with his new comp in the train station and followed all the greenies/bleus up to the paris chapel. we all went in and had a little meeting to find out who we would be training. my new comp is Elder Siedow! He's super cool! He was born in Russia but was adopted by an american family, just like Nick! He's from Wisconsin, loves running, and took 5 years of french in high school so he's catching on pretty quick. solid dude. We've gone running almost every morning and thats been pretty fun. 

some other cool stuff thats happened this week... we got to have dinner with our ami from martenique! he is seriously one of the nicest dudes ever! he invited all 4 of us missionaries over and we ate lamb. super cool dude

we also met with our ami from sierra leone. he has been reading the book of mormon all on his own and thats been really cool! 

one of our amis called us and fixed a rendez-vous for that same night. we met up with him and he wanted to give us our book of mormon back. he was having trouble with the fact of having another book of scripture other than the bible, it was really sad. we talked with him for a while, bore testimony, and answered his questions. he dedided to keep the bom but he isnt wanting to progress, he said he might show up at church one day but he doesnt want to be pushed into anything. im hoping he'll look a little bit further. 

the other night we were out knocking doors on the edge of centre-ville, kinda over by temple neuf. it was kinda sprinkling the whole night but right as it was about time to start walking home it just started pouring rain! it was actually really fun walking home, we were drenched by the time we got to the appt but it was fun hah. 

happy mothers day to the best mom in the world bt-dubs! im super stoked to skype on sunday! :) 

love you guys!

elder empey 

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