Tuesday, June 30, 2015

week 50

Aight to finish today's journal entry. We got back from the zone conference with our I pads and we went to the church to set them up. After setting them up we called this potential ami that the other elders gave us. He said he was free and the moment and we could meet with him at his room in the foyer. We went over and it was him and his two friends in this tiny room. We found out that they are all Hindu but they want to learn about christianism so we taught them the basics. They also might want to become Christian? Maybe?

We also ran into our Sierra Leonian ami, Michael, while we were there. Just for a little background, things were going well with him but for some reason he got kinda angry with us, I think it's because we brought up baptism, so we had lost contact for a couple weeks but were finally able to see him last week and we just expressed our love for him and now we're on good terms again. He loves seeing us now and so he was happy to run into us at the foyer. I don't know if he'll progress soon but were going to keep teaching him.

Love you all

Elder Empey

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