Monday, November 2, 2015

week 66

It's been a good one.. We got this referral from the elders in Nantes of an ami of theirs that just moved to Laval (a city on the edge of our sector.) we fixed a rendez vous with him for Saturday ordered some train tickets, and then went out there. It's a pretty cool little town. We noted down a bunch of addresses of less actives and ancient Amis to visit while we were out there as well. We got out there and started to head to his house but we got a text right then saying that he was in Nantes and he had just missed his ride back to Laval and wasn't going to be able to meet, classic. 

We spent the rest of our time there looking for these addresses we had noted down, turns out half of them didn't even exist and the ones we were able to find didn't live there anymore. Kinda a bummer but it was a pretty ville and we met this cool family that was coming out of this antique store that they owned. We talked to them for a while and they thought we were pretty cool cuz we're American. The dad gave us some cool old little Catholic trinkets. We also met a bus driver that had read the whole Book of Mormon and had watched a bunch of conference, that doesn't happen too often, but he wasn't interested to meet again. I think he might of been a less active that just didn't want us to know he was a member so we wouldn't come visit him hah.

The couple Amis that are solid and progressing are doing good but I feel like we need some new people. We've been talking to people like crazy during bus rides and in the metro and I feel like we could find some solid new people soon 

Halloween doesn't really happen in France so there wasn't really anything going on with that. I saw a few people dressed up but that's about it

Love you guys 

Elder empey 

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