Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 67

That is Dres on the far left with his handsome new blue suit

Dres is fifth from the left.  His mission President, President Babin is far left.

It was zone conference week so we were kinda busy.  

Tuesday, two of the districts came in and we had to get everything organized for interviews with prez and soeur babin. After all the interviews were done I got to go on an exchange with elder Amaya which was fun cuz he used to be my DL back in Évry. We got to see one of the families that were teaching and that went well but it was a pretty short exchange overall. 10 elders slept at our appt that night which was pretty crazy but pretty fun too. Elder Lattin, my comp from Metz, was here so I got to talk with him and that was nice to catch up with him and all, he's such a rad dude! 

The next day was zone conference and that's always a little bit stressful. The morning was super busy with all 10 elders trying to get ready at once. Elder durant and I went on a quick split to grab some last minute stuff for the conference. Everything went smooth and our formation turned out pretty decent. We talked about the importance of working with the ward council and members to get less actives back to church. We order kebabs for all the missionaries for lunch and then after everything was done there were two more districts to get interviews done. I love our mission president, we had our interviews last and he's just an awesome dude. One of the equipes ended up having to stay at our appt again cuz they missed their train back to their ville.  

On Thursday, we had a rendez vous with this recent convert less active guy that we had never met before. We met him at a metro stop and he took us to his friends appt to talk. He's a 35 year old African dude that looks like he's like 22 and he's a barber, super cool guy. The friend he introduced us too told us how he's been looking for a church and we were like "that's why we're here" it was a solid discussion. Latter that day my comp had to go to the doctors to get his back checked out but the doctor didn't really help to much, if only you were here dad.

Friday, we met with this dude that randomly came into the church the other day wanting to do some genealogy, we tried to help him find his ancestors on familysearch but it turns out it's kinda hard to do genealogy with the area his family is from.

Saturday, we had a bunch of rendez vous but almost everything fell through :\ 

church was good Sunday. 😊

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