Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 70 Liege, Belgium

Monday:once p day was over we got to go have dinner with a super cool family from New Caledonia, the Marguerites, they have been super nice to me while I've been in Rennes, they're awesome. It was sad to say bye to them

Tuesday: we were pretty booked with rendez vous. We went and got Chinese buffet with our Congolese member friend, frere longuala, good times good times. He's a homie. We visited another member, jenti Paul.  he gave us a bunch of random trinkets, a USB key, key chains, ties, cups haha. He's a really nice guy. Our 19 year old Romanian ami wanted to do a little video interview with a member from New Caledonia, bob Thierry, and so we did that with him and had a little lesson. We ran over to an Amis house, Patience, and had dinner with him. I did a
whole lot of packing that night.

Wednesday: woke up early to catch a train into Paris. Because of the scary stuff recently ,  missionaries were spread out amongst train stations so there wasn't like 70 missionaries in one spot. I was able to so hi real quick to old comps and roommates. I went up to the Paris north train station and had to wait for my train for a little bit. Three other missionaries and I took a train up to Brussels and we all met our new comps up there. Elder Reiss and I caught another train to Liege soon after and then took my stuff to the apartment, ate, and then were able to go out and do some contacting. I really like elder Reiss, he's a super nice dude. He's from Utah, played football, and is a stud!

Thursday: since Belgium was on high security all the sisters went and stayed in Paris and elders who were in Brussels had to go to other villes. One of the equipes from Brussels was coming to stay in liege so we went and picked them up from the train station this morning. We had lots of planning to do today and so I don't have very many exciting things to share. We did however get to go to the couple missionaries, the Redds, apartment here in Liege for Thanksgiving dinner. Sister redd reminds me a bunch of grandma dot! She is super nice.

Friday: we woke up super early to catch a train to Brussels and then another to Paris to go to mission council. That was fun. We caught another train back here to Brussels and then to Liege. We didn't have a bunch of time left to do stuff after that

Saturday: all the missionaries were able to go back to their own villes today cuz the security level went down. we had a little meeting with all the district leaders. All the DLs in our zone are super cool, I'm excited to spend some time with them. We talked about the transfer, fixed goals, and talked about the mission vision. After that we had a rendez vous with an ami that elder Reiss and his last comp found right before I got here. They had one rendez vous with him before I got here and when we showed up for this rendez vous he was telling us how he is now starting to quit smoking, they didn't even teach the word of wisdom, just mentioned that we don't smoke. He is Belge, about 50 years old, and super golden! I think he could be baptized really soon. We went porting that night and were able to find a new ami

Sunday: so there are 2 branches here in Liege that meet in the same building. I presented myself during sacrament meeting and was able to meet a few members. After church we had a bit more planning to do and then we went out finding. While porting that night a guy got pretty angry with us being in his apartment building and kicked us out. A little bit after that we met a really cool guy from Cameroon that we are going to meet with again today (Monday)

So yup, that was my week. Im liking Liege and loving the guys in my apartment. They are all super nice dudes! 

Have a great week!

Love ya

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